If you are in Seohyeon in Bundang go to PUB210

Here is a message that I got from a reader. It sounds like a very interesting bar, so I would definitely go and check it out.


Hello. It's Min and I own PUB210. First of all, I really thank for your interest. I just opened this bar and I do my best to let the people know about my bar.If you help me with this part, It will help me a lot. PUB210 is basically for foreigners and located in Seohyun, Bundang.It has hookah,two pool tables, two darts, and events. Here is direction of my bar.

Seohyeon Station take gate 6 - go out of the building and walk pass Baskin Robbins on your right continue pass an alley then take your next right into the building hallway (4th building). The hallway is across from a store called Mool (water). Go to the back of the hallway and take the elevator to 3f. Follow the signs to Pub 210.

Plus ! We have a special beer event tonight. 2nd night of Cass Cass Cass ! 5.000 won ENTRY. You can drink Cass Draft beer as free 9pm to 12am ! Thanks !

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