Seattle Foodie Outing Part 2: Quinn's

Quinn's restaurant

Wild boar and Sage Sloppy Joe

Venison Sausage with huckleberry mustard

Beef Tongue Philly with Gruyere and piquillo peppers.

Orr bountiful table


Our second spot on our food tour of Seattle took us to Quinn's. Quinn's is the local watering hole for those with a discerning palate. The Wild Boar Sloppy Joe with Crispy Sage leaves is the sandwich of dreams and I would fly all the way back for another go at her. (Yes, I have named the sandwich and her name is Charlene.)

"Oh, Charlene, how I love you and I promise I'll always be faithful to you. No other wild boar sloppy joe can compare to your sloppy goodness and Sage: herbacious/licoricishiness. I love the buns you sit upon and the roasted spice of your jalapeno. Oh, Charlene, I will write odes to you. Charlene. Sweet Charlene, I'll visit you soon."

Ummm...that was embarrassing. I didn't mean to think that out loud.

Well, I was joined at Quinn's by the Dark Knight Food Critic and his Bar Critic Peer. Let's just call her Wonder Woman. A Foodie/Coffee Queen also joined us. Let's call her...Bumblebee and Noah was there. Ironically, Noah is wearing the Batman shirt. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about read this post.

The rest of the meal was good..ish. The Venison Sausage was more like a steak and not the links I was expecting. The meat tasted as if a deer and ostrich got it on and birthed a venison steak. The Huckleberry Mustard didn't add much.

The beef tongue philly was a fancy sandwich made with strange meat and overly expensive cheese. I'm sorry, but I'm from the Philadelphia area. Cheesesteaks need to be made with cheap greasy cuts of meat and with "Cheese Whiz." You heard me and if you don't believe me, then go to Pat's in Philly at 2 in the morning and you'll see what I mean.

I like Quinn's and I'm sure they've got other very exciting items on their menu. I'll be back to visit Charlene- maybe she has some friends. Who wants to join me?


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