Seattle Foodie Outing Part 3: Dessert at Poppy and Molly Moon's

The back gate to Poppy

One of their famous cocktails. I believe it was a cosmo.

A dessert Thali with Mango Yogurt Icecream, Warm Rhubarb Orange Shortcake, Candied Pecans, Nutter Butter, a jelly like dessert (the purple one) and hot date cake to the left.

Close up of the crunchy savory, sinful, nutter butter

Molly Moon's Icecream

Salted caramel, vivace coffee, and balsamic strawberry! Oh my!

My salted caramel milkshake artist. Yummm!

To finish up the Seattle Foodie outing, the Dark Knight Critic took Noah and I to Poppy- a place famous for their desserts and their Indian influenced Thali's. I learned that a Thali is a Indian way of eating that has a variety of small dishes set on a round platter. Poppy has taken this concept and applied it to dessert.


The steam of the Orange Rhubarb Shortcake seemed to lift up float up this dessert to your mouth. I thought the orange would make this dish ordinary, but it did the opposite.

The mango ice cream was.

The Hot Date Cake was divine and so were the cocktails.

Strangely, the small side dishes on the dessert thali attracted everyone's attention. The pecans were perfectly roasted and salted and delved through the different senses of taste. The jelly thing was like the most delicious gumdrop ever. It was what I imagined that the real gumdrop forest in the board game Candyland would taste like.

The Nutter Butter took the cake. There were four of us at dessert and we could have eaten a checkerboard's worth of nutter butter if we could. Snapping through the crust perked up the ears and caused the glands to salivate. I never imaged an auditory sound could have such an effect, but it did. The peanut butterish caramel glaze on top was true art and what Michaelangelo would have used to carve David or Pieta if he was commissioned by the church to make a confectionary effigy. I would recommend you make your way there.

Sure, the night could have ended there, but Julien wanted to check out Molly Moon's ice cream shop. This place has the most interesting toppings and the staff are architects of sundaes. Molly Moon's Icecream is homemade and they make their own waffle cones. I recommend their Vivace Coffee Icecream, Salted Licorice, and Salted Caramel Icecream (I would probably recommend more, but I only had time to taste those three.)


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