I find it ironic that homeless people are so good in bed

I know, not food related, but this site is hilarious! Here are some other gems I found. Oh, so basically, people send in their last texts from the previous night to this site and the best ones get posted. This site is immensely popular overseas.

(281): i was watching iron chef and got motivated, so i made dinosaur chicken nuggets

(615): I dont understand how a fully grown man could convince himself that lime green crocks would look good on him.

(914): Im eating ham and mustard naked, watching south park, but its totally cool cuz the paper plate is covering my nuts .

(310): I just googled how to quit your job and cause a big uproar at the same time....i tell you how tomorrow goes, i'm so excited....

(818): I have to start avoiding pregnant women. This is getting out of hand.

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