Am I like this guy? 결혼 못하는 남자, The Man who Can't get Married.

I'm not married. I've been close, but I always seem to sabotage it in some way or another. I mean it's not like there's something wrong with me and I'm not horrible to look at. I just do something or say something that takes me out of the game. Anyway, when I look at this guy Cho Jae-hee, I feel like I'm looking at myself a bit. I'm totally in love with Dr. Jang. I don't care if she is 40. Kim So-eun is quite fine as well. And we can't forget about Sangoo the dog.

Anyway, watch this drama because it is amazingly shot, the characters are well developed, and it'll make you laugh and cringe and everything else. Paula, if you are reading this, start watching!

And BTW, I know it's not directly food related, but I can't eat all the time, right? Cho Jae-hee is a total foodie and winoholic. I'll try to get some clips where he's grilling steak or drinking wine soon. For English Subs go to mysoju (dot) com.

Episode 1

Here's one with Sangoo the dog:

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