Know your Korean Food: Kanjang Gaejang and Al bap

Al Bap
Kanjang Gaejang

간장게장 (Kanjang gaejang)/ Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce
Fresh crabs are marinated in soy sauce seasoned with garlic, red pepper, ginger, and green onion. The sauce is brought to a boil and cooled and poured over the crabs until the crabs are pickled. The soy sauce ferments and tenderizes the crabmeat and gives it a gelatin like texture and flavor.

알 밥 (Al Bap)/ Fish Roe served with Rice and Vegetables in a Sizzling Stone Bowl
Tiny fish eggs are served over rice along with various vegetables such as kimchi, radish, seaweed, chopped crab, and cucumber. The dish is served in a sizzling stone bowl called a dukbaeggi (뚝배기). The eggs are mixed with the rice and the vegetables and cooked by the stone bowl; the eggs have a crisp popping sensation as the dish is eaten.

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