Korean Pop Culture: The Naengmyeong Song!

The Naengmyeong song with Pak Myeong-su and Jessica
(박명수,제시카(명카드라이브)의 냉면..쇼 음악중심 출연!)

The song is about 냉면 which means cold noodles, but the writer of this song puts another meaning on it. The female singer's, Jessica, nickname is 어름공주 "ice princess" so the song is about someone who like a person that gives off a cold personality. I don't know but she/he still likes that kind of person (널 보면 너무나,또 다시 봐도 너무나, 차디차 몸이 떨려 냉면냉면냉면 질겨도 너무 질겨 냉면냉면냉면, 그래도 널 사랑해)

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