Photoblog: Camp food

The first night I was there the cafeteria wasn't open and I was forced. FORCED! I tell you to eat a Big Mac. I can't say it was that awful. It doesn't taste too bad if you haven't eaten all day and you spend the evening writing.

My first breakfast consisted of fried egg with pasta salad, bread, milk and mystery meat.

I didn't take shots of every meal I ate, but they all pretty much looked like this. Soup, Rice, Meat, Kimchi, and an extra panchon. Some days we had fruit such as watermelon or banana.

During the school trip we had a Dosirok (a Korean Bento Box). This one was pretty awful. The only edible things in the box were the the rice and the kimchi. The dried anchovies were awfully fishy, the chicken looked like it was seasoned with avian flu, the hamburger was...???, and the octopus donkas...yeah you heard me OCTOPUS FRIED CUTLET tasted like raw pork. I do not recommend a lunch form Hansol.

The last day we had a BBQ party, but..

I didn't go because I went to eat the best grilled eel in Korea. I'll be writing about that soon.


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