Quick Review on Sao Paolo

My friend went to Sao Paolo the other night and here's what he had to say about it.

You can find the wine menu here, because he's a bit of a wino.

Here's Manuel:

I went there yesterday, got their card for future reference the phone number for reservation (which actually is good to have) is: 02-764-6079
They put my friend and I in one of these cozy private booths with curtains,so that was quite nice. I have to say decent price nice atmosphere, quaint and decent food, and if you buy one beer the rest is free after that (of course i know another restaurant which does the same deal if you print out their coupon).

But in the end so far this one is still my favorite churrasco: http://www.menupan.com/Restaurant/onepage.asp?ACode=R105773

Here the quality of meat ( rumored to be Korean beef) is excellent and they just don't stop coming at you. The wine list is not too shabby (decent prices).

I'll try Mercado tonight.

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