Sao Paolo: A Brazilian Restaurant in Daehangno, Seoul

If you want them to keep bringing you meat, then leave this sign up. It means give me more. If you turn it around it says, you've killed me with meat.

Here is my friend Kat enjoying some grilled meat.

Here is the cook cooking off a slice of Picanha. Oh it was soooooo....good.

Brazilian Churrascos are the new hot cuisine in Seoul and I recently went to Sao Paolo in Daehangno. It's easy to find out of Hwehwa station exit 1. You cross the street and go down the alley next to the Puma Shop.

So what did I think? Pretty awesome. I ate a whole lot of meat. I particularly enjoyed the Picanha: a Rump Cover steak. (It's the cut of meat the man is cutting above.) The meat is richly marbled and the method of cooking makes it very "fluffy." What I mean is that the vertical method of cooking makes the fat melt and it leaves it very rich in flavor.

Meals are around 25,000 a person.

Be sure to check it out and tell them Seoul Eats sent you!


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