Food Discounts for Readers and Friends of Seoul Eats

Dear Readers and Friends of Seoul Eats,

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a great summer and eating lots
of great food. These days, the restaurant scene is booming in Seoul
and there are many great restaurants to check out. First of all,
Chakraa Restaurant and Flo Yogurt have contacted me and they wanted me
to offer discounts to readers of Seoul Eats.  All you have to do is to
say the password when you are about to pay. The password is "Seoul

Remember, just say Seoul Eats and you'll get discounts on your purchase.

At Chakraa, you will recieve 10% off your meal (valid September 4th-18th, 2009)
At FLO yogurt, you will recieve 20% off your yogurt (valid September
4th-18th, 2009)
Chakraa is located behind and to the right of Hamilton Hotel. Go out
Itaewon Exit 2. Attached is a Map. You can call Chakraa at
02-796-2255(English), 02-796-1149(Korean)
Flo is located in Apgujeong near the Rodeo main gate.

Directions: Go through the Rodeo gates by Paris Croissant (It's the
gate across from the Galleria) Go three blocks and turn at Banila co
(It's right across from Puma). It's about 50 meters down.

Flo Yogurt
They speak English

Maps for both places are attached.

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