Food Discounts in Seoul! 2 for 1 Fish N'Chips, Yogurt, and 20,000 won all you can drink.

Hey Foodies,

There are lots of great eats and drinks in Seoul. Here are some specials for the week. You can always find out what the good eats are in Seoul at

Tuesdays are Wolfhound 2 for 1 Fish N'Chips. So buy 1 and get 1 free. Be sure to take a mate (or an extra set of pants).

This weekend at Beer O'Clock, All you can drink beer for 20,000 won. I recommend the pizzas and hot wings there.

Say the password: "Seoul Eats" and get discounts.

Get 10% off at Chakraa Restaurant (Until September 18th) Chakraa is an Indian Restaurant that has been in Korea for a long time. They have an all you can eat Vegetarian Buffet on Thursday Nights and regular Indian Buffets on the Weekends.
Get 20% off at FLO Gelato Dolce  (Until September 18th) FLO is a self-serve ice cream yogurt shop with yogurts such as Brownie, Cheesecake, Taro, and regular. It's made fresh daily and you can add any kind of toppings you would like. It is charged by weight.

Directions to the Wolfhound: Itaewon Station, exit 4.  Walk back to the main intersection.  Take a right towards Chef Meili.  Take the next street to the right and go down the hill.  It's on the second floor on the right. 20,000 won.

Directions to Beer O'Clock: Head to exit 1 of Shinchon station and turn right at Natuur, head down the street, over the intersection, past 7-11, count three alleyways and turn left opposite the Blue Lion Casual Pub Sign into an alleyway with a distinctive traditional house on the corner. Beer O' Clock is on the left above "Fish and Grill". Visit for details.

Directions to Chakraa Restaurant: Chakraa is located behind and to the right of Hamilton Hotel. Go out Itaewon Exit 2.

Directions to FLO: Go through the Rodeo gates by Paris Croissant (It's the
gate across from the Galleria) Go three blocks and turn at Banila co
(It's right across from Puma). It's about 50 meters down.

Maps for FLO and Chakraa can be found here:

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