My Anti-Spam Rant: FU Canadian Pharamacy and the makers of Viagra!

Grrr...I wish I could just scream at all the spammers that decided that it's a good idea to go and post stuff on other people's blogs! And because of modern technology, these A$$holes can just use an automated robot to annoy the heck out of people. I just deleted 100 messages from Spambots, so I'm really really really Pissed Off.

Oh! And I'm also pissed off at Blogger because they don't add some anti-spam technology such as Askimet like Wordpress! Why doesn't the biggest online search company (Google) get with the times and update their program.

Blogger is years behind Wordpress and the other blogging programs and they haven't made any improvements. It's seriously pissing me off. So, why don't I switch?

I have switched, but there are years of pageranks and searches imbedded through Google, that makes it almost impossible to do so right now.

I did find a solution. Turn off the e-mail to blogger feature in your Settings tab in Blogger and that should stop any new spams from coming in.


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