Pizza From Giacoma

A reader recently asked me go visit a restaurant that they really liked. I was too busy, but my buddy Fatmanseoul went and he did an awesome job writing an article and taking pictures for the next month's Groove magazine. Here is a teaser.

Also, you should visit the restaurant! Here is the message I got from a reader, Jeffry.

Hi Daniel.

You don't know me, but I read your blog to keep tabs on the food scene here in Seoul. You've directed me to many a good meal, and thank you for that.

In return I thought I'd send on some info on one of the best places I've (or rather, friends of mine) found. Real Italian Food! Oh, yeah, you heard me, REAL Italian food. Full of herbs, salty cheese and one man's obvious love of the cuisine. Oh, and far and away the best pizza I've had in Korea.

One quick note on the pizza. For four years I was sous chef of a restaurant that was famous in my city for it's wood fired thin crust pizza. I know my pizza and this guy makes a pretty damn good one.

The chef, Bong-Shik Lee, is a really nice guy who speaks really good English. He studied at the CIA and is really passionate about keeping the food authentic.

So, of course, he's having problems. Koreans keep complaining to him, "tomato sauce not sweet enough", "cheese too salty", "too much flavour" (by which I believe that they are saying too many herbs).

So, anyway he needs help. I was hoping that you'd be willing to check it out and if you feel the same way as me spread the word. He needs some buzz because I'm worried that he'll either have to close up or Koreanize the menu. Below I've forwarded an email from him that gives directions to the place.

Oh, and at least two of the four servers speak really good english.

Thanks a Bunch and keep fighting the good food fight,

Here are the directions from the chef Bong-Shik Lee

If he takes subway, take line #2 heading for Gangbyeon Station.
When he gets Gangbyeon, exit gate #1. As soon as he exits, turn left and go straight.
When he comes to crosswalk, cross the street and heading left. Go straight until at the end of road and heading right. Go straight until he sees another crosswalk. There is Outback Steak house behind him
Cross the street. There is building name "CS Plaza" where Seven eleven located at 1st floor.
We are 2nd floor in that building.

If he drives, drive all the way to Olympic bridge. Take the bridge heading north.
At the end of bridge there is intersection. Pass the intersection. There is u-turn.
When he makes u-turn heading back to the intersection and turn right.
He can see the building where we are on his right side when he comes to the first crosswalk.

It's hard to explain but I try it as much as I can.
If you need more, please let me know.
Thank you.

Bong-Shik Lee

Name of restaurant : Giacomo
e-mail :
Tel : 453-1417

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