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This is a publicity post for Seoul Eats. This blog started 5 years ago, but it has exclusively been a food blog for around 2 years. 2 years ago I moved to Itaewon to an apartment with an oven and started to cook and write about food. Since then this blog has gained tremendous amount of attention such as the New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, Serious Eats, Bizarre Foods, and many many more. Back in February I decided to see what if I could live off my work with food and I have. It has been a tumultuous couple of months, but I feel that there really is a future in food. I would like to thank all my readers. On average there are about 1,500 page views a day. It is all of you that make me keep going. There are big plans in the works that I will reveal soon. Thanks again.

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And one more thing. A special thanks to Matt Kelly of KBS radio. Last week I went in for an interview. You can see the video of it here.
Thank so much for the blurb.^^
When Dan Gray moved to Korea some five years ago, he didn't know that he would soon become the nation's top English-language food blogger. Dan is the founder and foodie-in-chief of the Korea food blog, On this week's interview, Dan and I will talk about what it was like living in Gyeongju, his favorite Korean dish, and the international potential of Korean cuisine.
Matt has an amazing blog about Korea called Discovering Korea. You should check it out here

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