What the Foodies are Craving for the month of October

1. Star Burger in Gangnam for their excellent homemade Bacon Cheeseburger.
2. Deux Cremes in Shinsa for their delectable Banana Tart.
3. Butterfinger's in Gangnam for their orgasmic blueberry pancakes.
Brian from Kiss my Kimchi

  1. CEIA Brazilian Restaurant (soon to be re-opened in Gangnam) for unlimited and top quality Churrascaria style grilled meats served to your table on a spear.
  2. Sortino’s Italian Restaurants (lounge/restaurant and Pizzeria/ bar) for a wide choice of excellent Italian food and great wine (the closest experience you can have to eating in Italy).
  3. Sideway Wine Bar in Gangnam for wine choice, ambience, decor, and a Frenchman who knows his wines and is willing to give expert advice with a side of humor. Besides, who needs food when you have great wine (granted, they do have a decent selection of dishes if you need it). 
Manuel Lara

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