Fatmanseoul goes Italian at Giacomo

Giacomo in Gambyeon is a true treasure. An absolutely authentic Italian restaurant, run by CIA-trained Chef Lee Bong-shik, the food here stands head and shoulders above the typical Italian place found in Seoul. Although well off the beaten path in terms of location, Lee has turned this unconventional location into a lovely, well appointed space for casual dining. Everyone from business people at dinner meetings to families with children to couples on a romantic date can be found there, enjoying the delicious food, tasteful décor, and the entertainment of the open kitchen and projection-screen showing opera. The decoration has been kept low key and minimal, with just a few touches like wine bottles, opera, and a few pictures as a nod towards the more cluttered style more typical of Italian places here in Seoul.

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Take Line #2 Gangbyeon Station and exit gate #1. As soon as you exit, turn left and go straight. When you come to crosswalk, cross the street and head left. Go straight until at the end of road and heading right. Go straight until you see another crosswalk. There is Outback Steak house behind. Cross the street. We are on the 2nd floor of the"CS Plaza"

Call if you get lost, the staff and owner speak English

e-mail : chefbong@naver.com
Tel : 02-453-1417

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