Welcome to the Neighborhood: Latte King

Happy and clean atmosphere, low prices (2,000 won for an Americano, 3,800 for a Bailey's or Kahula Latte, 1,000 won for peanut butter toast, 2,500 for chicken wrap sandwich.)

Coffee is decent. I wouldn't say the best, I mean I prefer the robust coffee over at Standing Coffee (plus, they give you extra shots for free.) But I like this place for atmosphere and for location. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump from my place.

The one annoying thing is that the girl in the mornings doesn't speak any English. She's a nice girl and I think that expats should learn Korean, but she should attempt to speak some Korean.

It's up the hill across from Indigo. If you walking towards haebangchon, you make a left at the corner of the Kobawoo Market and it's about 20 meters on the right.

BTW, Hi Gavin. Yes, I am Seoul Eats. Believe it.


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