A hat tip to my foodie partner in crime Zenkimchi

Pierre Gagnaire will be among four international chefs coming to prepare Korea-inspired food at the end of October for a festival called “Amazing Korean Table,” sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and whatever else they want to minister.
They’ll also be teaching cooking classes for 60,000 won each.  I want to reserve a spot for any Pierre Gagnaire class, but alas, the “Reservation” page currently says, “The Detail information will be noticed” on the English version.  The Korean version has classes and reservations, but it looks like I’ll be at work when Gagnaire’s classes occur.
I’ve noticed this about Korean festivals like this.  They mostly occur during the week, and the big events are over with by the time most people have time off work to go to them.

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