Julio's Tacos and Slyders in Gangnam

Now I don't know how this place got under the radar, but it must have something to do with it's location. I must admit, I am a bit biased when I hear about restaurants in Gangnam. I think over 80% of the restaurants in Gangnam have great interiors, but with horrible, overpriced food. I might have to bite my tongue, because I found a street that I really like. To get to this street, you need to get out exit 7 of Gangnam Station and make a right at the Jump Milano building.

Go up the hill and you'll find Waffle and Caffeine Row. This place is teeming with coffee and waffle places. You'll also find my favorite Al Bap Place. Al bap is fish eggs in a rice bowl with vegetables. I can't read Japanese but the picture is below.
My favorite Al Bap (Fish Eggs Mixed Rice) place

Waffle and Caffeine Row has so many coffee and waffle shops that I go into a diabetic shock just thinking about it. Most of these places are for dates and for people to have long conversations over a single cup of coffee and a waffle. Honestly, I don't know how they stay in business.

The one highlight on this this street is Julio Taco and Slyder. The interior has a California Taco Truck feel to it (Hmmm...I guess, they heard about the buzz happening overseas.)
And they have an awesome lunch special for only 6,900 won. You can get a taco and a slyder with fries and coffee; or Enchiladas or burrito or quesadilla with fries and drink....or 3 slyders with fries and drink.
My friend got the slyder and taco special. The slyder had good meat and the taco had lots of fresh vegetables and plenty of meat.
The red beans and rice were...a little too stir fried for my tastes, but they didn't lack flavor. Oh! and look- it has cilantro (which is essential for a Mexican meal)
I had the Enchilada and it was mighty tasty. I mean, it would have been perfect if they had made their own tortilla (hint, hint), but that might be asking for too much. The enchilada had a nice sauce- not too spicy- on top and it was filled with good meat and cheese.

Will I go back? Of course.


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