Ka-Brew has all you can drink beer for 10,000 won all the time!

Say what!

I couldn't believe it when they told me this, but apparently Ka-Brew has all you can drink beer for 10,000 won. Ka-Brew is a microbrewery in Korea and they distribute the very popular Alley Kat Beer. My friend Jason, who is a beer enthusiastic has been working there with the brew master and I'm sure he'll be introducing some tasty brews in the near future. Maybe Jason will make his famous Chocolate Stout at Ka-brew. Be sure to check it out. The directions are below.

Directions: Miaseomgori station, exit 3, walk 35 meters straight. You will pass a KEB bank, and Ka-Brew is two buildings after that, on the ground floor of the Ecopia building. If you walk past the KEB for more than a minute you've probably gone too far.

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