Letters to Seoul Eats: Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

Dear Readers, 

I am always happy to get letters and questions from you and I do my best to keep with them all. Life has been a bit busy these days, so if I don't answer your question right away, I apologize. You can also e-mail me here for questions and if you would like to submit photos, writings, or restaurant recommendations to Seouleats.com. 



Dear Daniel,

My name is Anna - originally I am Korean - but I was adopted by Germans when I was a baby and therefore do not know anything about Korea. About two years ago, I was invited to a Korean restaurant in Hamburg (my home town) and tried Korean food for the very first time. Beside "Kimchi" I did not really taste anything specifically Korean. Can you actually recommend a traditional Korean recipe, which an average Korean family would eat for a "normal" dinner ? I would be very grateful.

Best regards from Hamburg,


Dear Anna,

I think the best traditional meal that is easily accessible for most people is bulgogi. It's a simple dish that's rich in flavor. Plus, it's not too spicy. You can make bulgogi and serve it with lettuce, rice, tengjang chiggae (a soybean stew) and banchan (vegetable side dishes such as kimchi, spinach, etc.) I recommend you check out Maangchi's website for recipes and video demonstrations.  

Another dish I would recommend is Daktoritang. It's a spicy ginger chicken stew. It's always a favorite at my house and it goes well with rice and salad.

The typical Korean meal has a stew, banchan (vegetable side dishes), a meat or fish, and rice. So, if you stick to the formula, you can make any kind of meal that you like.

Thank you so much for writing!


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