Gourmet Eo: High End Italian in Apgujeong

Nestled in the heart of Apgujeong is Gourmet Eo. It's located just behind the Gucci building near Cheongdam Intersection. You enter through a long alleyway to house with a courtyard that have been converted into a fine dining restaurant.
The evening was cool, so we were seated on the outside balcony which had several lime trees in full bloom.
Most restaurants only give bread for service to entice patrons to buy food, but at Gourmet Eo, they start you out with some nice proscuitto, ham, salami, and aged parmesan cheese.
The first bottle of wine we ordered was a Villa Antinori, Toscana 2005. For a mere, 50,000 (plus VAT), this wine was a great starter. The wine was medium bodied with light tannins. It had hints of strawberry and hay.
If you order your entree, you can add 9,000 won to your dish and they'll give you an appetizer and salad. These were fresh Japanese oysters. They tasted like a sea breeze.
The salad was light and the roasted paprika slice was the prominent flavor. This salad seemed to uphold the memory of summer for the evening.
Here is a shot of the oyster with a sprig of dill.
My friend ordered the squid ink pasta. Just look at the sear on the scallop.
Another got the Gnocchi. This dish is exceptional. The gnocchi are like little clouds. The sauce was a gorgonzola cream sauce with a bit of mushroom and tomato.
My lasagna dish looks a bit deceiving for it's a bit...underdeveloped to be a lasagna. However, the pasta was fine and hand made and the meat and cheese balanced this dish well.
Dessert was Tiramisu
After the meal, one of the guests I went with left something to commemorate the evening.
I'd like to call it, "Corked Spoons"

Gourmet Eo
Directions: Go to Cheongdam Intersection and make a right at Gucci, then make the next right.

Directions in Korean:
구르메 에오의 위치는
청담사거리 sk 주유소 골목으로 와서
커피미학 대각선 맞은편,
키라 옆

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