Learn your Korean: If you get Angry, eat Apples.

Interesting lesson at school today. I learned what types of food you should eat if you need to fix your mood. BTW. I'm not going to put the English spelling because it's so easy to learn how to read Korean. Most people can do it in a couple of hours.  Here's a resource to help you. Also, so you can learn Korean sentence structure, I'm going to put the literal translations above the Korean.

Angry when what eat is good?
화날 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요?
Apple Eat ( 드세요 is the honorific to eat)
사과 드세요. 

Sad when what eat is good?
슬플 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요?
Pudding or banana eat .( 드세요 is the honorific to eat)
푸딩이나 바나나 드세요.
 Lonely when what eat is good?
외로 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요?  
potato chips.
감자튀김 드세요. 

Scared when what eat is good?
무서울 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요?
peanut butter.
 땅콩버터 드세요.

Depressed when what eat is good?
우울할 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요? 

산만할 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요?
 Peppermint Tea
박하차 드세요.

분노가 일 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요? 
Rosemary Tea

걱정이 있을 때는 무엇을 먹으면 좋아요? 
Pasta or Potato
구운 감자나 파스타드세요.

I hope that was insightful. Bye^^

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