Photoblog: Tapas and Wine at Vin Vino

Located across from Cheil Worldwide is Vin Vino: Wine and Tapas.
They have a full cellar with a wide selection of wine.
The space is very open with high ceilings. It's the perfect place to meet up with friends and enjoy a nice bottle of wine with some tapas.
Here is the cheese plate. Not bad for 12,000.
There are a wide selection of tapas. I really liked the cheese plate. The rest...well, not for me, but I'm sure other people would like them. What I really wanted were some nice black olives, maybe a spinach dip with warm bread...
The sommeliers are knowledgeable and polite.
Here is my friend Andrew with his lamb lollipop. This was a great dish because it comes with mash potatoes and gravy for dipping. Plus, you get to eat it like a lollipop.

Vin Vino 02-711-9171

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