CLOSED Seoul Eats Meet up: Le Quartier Latin

Hello everyone,

This is Daniel Gray and I wanted to invite you to a dinner meet up. There is a nice new French Bistro in Sinchon called Le Quartier Latin and I was planning on heading there tonight around 7:30 for dinner. The bistro has rustic French favorites like mussels, quiches, croque monsieurs, and raclettes. The prices are very reasonable too (4,000 to 15,000).

If you are interested, then respond to this message or send me an e-mail at this link to RSVP. Let's meet at Sinchon Exit 3 in front of McDonalds at 7:20.

Here are the directions:    

Go out Sinchon Exit 3 and walk straight until you get to the big church and make a right. Walk about about 500 meters and you'll see it on the second floor. It's marked with a big French Flag.

And the phone number to the restaurant is 02-333-9874.

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