Today on TBS efm 101.3 at 2:30

I appear each week on the Steve Hatherly Show on TBS eFM radio. My spot is on Friday at 2:30 and what do we talk about? Food of course.

Steve is a good friend and a great DJ, but our opinions greatly differ on the topic of food. He constantly goes on about O-gyeopsal: pork belly with 5 layers of fat. I like the finer types of food.  Anyway, today we will be talking about the Amazing Korean Table cooking classes and what I learned that day from such great chefs such as Bok-Ryeo Han, Corey Lee, Massimo Bottura, and Pierre Gagnaire.  Here is a link to the site where you can listen to the stream through your radio.

Please leave a comment on the TBS eFM forum page (Here is a link to Steve's page on the site.)



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