Travelers to Seoul: Here are some restaurant recommendations

I feel like I do these posts pretty often, but I don't mind. If you are headed to Seoul, here are my recommendations and links.

To start here is a link on tips for travelers (be sure to get a cellphone at the airport.)

And here are some restaurants I would recommend. Here is an Eel restaurant.

And you can't forget about the famous Noryrangjin Fish Market

Oh, and Great Korean Bulgogi: Sariwon.

Myeongdong Calguksu is great for amazing noodle soup. It's better than Momofuko

Star Chef is a great place and run by a very popular chef.

And you can't forget about Korean fried chicken...yum

For high end there's Pierre Gagnaire, Wooriga, Jungshikdang, the Shilla Hotel, the W-Hotel, and the Intercontinental.

I'd be happy to show you around. Also, I know some cooking classes as well.

My nemesis Roboseyo also did an excellent post on Korean restaurants. He even marked things on a map.

Oh, and here is another post I wrote for another tourist.

Happy Eating!


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