Churros/Chocolateria style cafe in Apgujeong!

I recently received this e-mail from a friend of a friend and it sounds very intriguing. My weekend is totally booked, so I'm not going to be able to check it out. I hope someone other there can and let me know how it is.


Hello Dan

My name is Alan and I am an Australian who has recently moved to Seoul.  I
study Korean at Yonsei KLI with Susan Menadue-Chun and she suggested I let
you know about a Churros/Chocolateria style cafe that my partner and I
have recently opened in Apgujeong as it may be of interest to your group.

We make Spanish style churros, the finest hot chocolate available in Seoul
and also have a range of handmade swiss chocolates on offer.  Feel free to
visit us if you would like to try our wares or if you would just like a
coffee with the sounds of bossanova in the back ground.

Kind Regards Al

010 9441 4946

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