Seoul Eats Update: Wolfhound, Cheesecake, Wine, and I got a present from a reader

First of all, we will be having a Seoul Eats get-together at the Wolfhound Pub on Sunday at 5pm. We have a table upstairs set for 15 people. Not all the spaces are filled so if you'd like to come, send me an e-mail at SeoulEats

Here is a question I got from a reader:
I love cheese cake. So where can I find the best French style and the best New York style cheese cake in Seoul?- G.P.
My recommendation is Passion 5 near Hangangjin station. They have excellent French Style Cheese Cake. Aa Design Museum in Hongdae had an excellent cheesecake back in the day, but I don't know if they still have it. 

Korea has wineries and I went to one last week at Diony Winery. Their Bokbunja (Raspberry) wine is not too bad. It smells like raspberry, but tastes like a medium-bodied merlot. One of their wines was given 80 points by Robert Parker. Here is the info on the winery.

And here is another winery I'd like to check on in the future
(A special thanks to Chef Eddy of Hanspoon for taking me to the winery and for the info)

Speaking of wine, there will be a Seoul Eats wine tasting next Saturday at 2pm at VineStock Winery in Seorae Village next week (December 19). I'll be going there with a couple of other Foodies and Winos. If you would like to come, send me an e-mail. The tasting will cost 25,000 won. VineStock is a great place to get great Christmas Presents such as Gourmet Olive Oil, Chocolate, Coffee, and Artisan Wines.
02-536-6081 (

The Tartine Beef Pot Pie Contest is on until Sunday at 6pm. We have 3 pies to give away: one to the person with the most post and we will give two gift certificates to people who write the most creative posts. As of writing, the contest now has 276 posts; the most posts on any Seoul Eat's posts.

I got a present in the mail. The reader said that he read this post on Seoul Eats and here about how I was cooking lamb. He said he was a big fan of the blog and wanted to make it easier for me to cook. So he sent me samples of his product. It is a papaya based meat tenderizer and he says that it will only take 5 minutes to tenderize meat. Also, the product is all natural and it doesn't leave a chemically aftertaste. Hmmm...I'm intrigued. I'm going to give it a try. Pictures and story to come. 
(Thanks Peter)

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