The Dragon Hill Deli in Seoul Phone Number Update

So, apparently the number I had for the Dragon Hill is the old one and it is no longer in use. I e-mailed Chef Tim Mitchell of the Dragon Hill Lodge and here is his response:

Hi Daniel,

The holiday dinners are available. We deliver to gate 17, which is near Dongbu Ichon Dong subway station, close to the National Museum.

I have enclosed a .pdf copy of what we have available. You can reply to all for your order, or call. The correct number for us is 02 6903 6716 for the Deli, 02 6903 6718 to speak to Ms. Kim the Deli manager, or my direct number is 02 6903 6777.

If your order is over $250, we will take off 5%, and over $1000, 10%. We need 1 day on smaller orders, or 2 days for orders over 10 turkeys.

Thanks again!

My Best,


I just placed my order for the 24th and on the 25th. I'll be hosting a Christmas Dinner on the 24th and then I'll be going to an orphanage to help cook Christmas dinner on the 25th. Oh! And they will deliver my Turkey to Gate 3, which is right by my house. AZA.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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