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Le Quartier Latin

Go out Sinchon Station exit 3 (line 2) and walk straight until you get to the big church. Make a right and walk about 500 meters. Look for the large French Flag. English Menu and Staff. #:02-333-9874. Prices: 4,000-26,000. Authentic French Bistro with reasonable prices.

Naked Grill
Naked Grill is located at Yongsan-gu, Hannam Dong 29-21 towards the UN Village. English menu and staff. #:02-749-4225. Prices: 4,000-12,000. Tacos and Homestyle American favorites for eat-in or take-out.

Via Di Napoli
Samsung Station exit 5 (line 2) and it is across from the City Airport Terminal. English Menu. #:02-557-6736, Prices: 12,000- 30,000. Freshly made pizzas and Italian Food in Gangnam

Beer O’Clock

Head to exit 1 of Shinchon station (line 2) Go behind the Hyundai Department store towards the 7-11. Turn left on the third street up. 2nd floor. English Menu and staff. #:02-333-9733 Prices: 8,000-24,000. Canadian Sports Bar with great wings, burgers, donairs, and pizza.

Petra Restaurant Kebab House

Exit 3 of Noksapyeong Station (line 6) and up the overpass. It’s located to the right. English Menu and staff. #:02-790-4433. Prices: 5,000-18,000. Authentic Arab food made by a certified chef. Excellent Falafel, hummus, and Sultana style lamb and chicken.

Don Valley

Exit 3 of Itaewon Station (line 6) below the Coffee Bean. English Menu and staff. #:796-2384. Price: 9,000 to 25,000. Korean Beef and Pork Barbeque and home-style favorites. Try the Wine Marinated Pork Belly.

Sanchae House (산채집)

Go up around Namsan Mountain from Myeongdong Road. It is near the Namsan Cable Cars and the restaurant N’Cucina. English menu. #:02-755-8775. Price: 8,000-25,000. Savory bossam and fresh leaf bibimbap.


Located to the side of Starbucks near the Capitol Hotel. English Menu. #:02-796-6967. Price: 6,000-20,000. American diner sandwiches, chili’s and entrees.

Sam Ryan’s Bar

Go out Itaewon Exit 1 (line 6) and make the first right. It’s at the end, above 3-Alley Pub. English menu and staff. #: 02-749-7933 Price: 500-30,000. Sports Bar with 8 big screens. BBQ pork ribs on Tuesdays and great burgers all the time.

Chakraa Indian Restaurant

Go out Itaewon Exit 2 (line 6) and make the first left. Make a right and it’s on the second floor. English menu and staff. #: 02-796-2255 Authentic Indian cuisine made by Indian chefs. Known for their tandoori and weekend buffets.

Best Korean Barbecue

Out Noksopyeong Exit 2 (line 6) and walk straight along the street with the kimchi pots. English menu and staff. #:02-796-5528. Nightly bbq specials, generous servings, and open late.

Bar Bliss

Itaewon Exit 1 (line 6) make the first right. It’s on the corner. Price: 12,000-35,000. Contemporary cuisine and high-end bar. Great cocktails and patio.


Ichon (line 4) Exit 5 and walk in the direction of Yongsan station. Pass train tracks to your left. It'll be on your left. English menu and staff. #:02-792-3383. Price: W4500~22,000. A sports bar with creative bar food and burgers.

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