Korean Class: Samgyetang and Dog Meat

Morning! I've already been up and moving and here's what I learned in Korean class today!

안녕 저눈 여행기자에요.  Hello, I am on vacation
사진좀 찍어도 되까요? Can I take your picture
머리고기 (I don't know...the teacher was going too fast)
복날 = The hottest days of summer occur on July 14, July 24, and  august 13
초복 중복 말복 (July 14, July 24, and August 13: The first, middle and last hottest days of the summer.)

During this time most older people will eat foods that will restore their stamina like samgyetang or dog meat. Most young people don't celebrate it because they don't need to conserve their energy and there is now a social stigma against eating dog.
지방 fat on meat

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