Seoul Eats Meet-up: This Saturday at Seoul's French Village

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a great holiday so far. For the last month, I've been holding meet-ups and they have been a great success. This weekend, I would like to try something a little more formal.

So this Saturday, the meet-up will be in the Seoul's French Village: Seorae Village.

We will do a tasting at VineStock Wine. There will be 5 wines to taste and we will be given a lesson by Sommelier Thomas Scheidt. Thomas was most recently the sommelier for Edward Kwon and in the past he worked at Alain Ducasse's Spoon in Hong Kong. Thomas has specialty wines that he has hand picked that you won't be able to find elsewhere in Korea. Plus, the wines are well cellar-ed, so they are kept in the optimum condition for drinking.

The tasting for the 5 wines will be 25,000 per person. And we will start the tasting at 4pm.

Afterwards, I would like to go to Kitchen Flo for an early dinner. From the pictures, I've seen I must say that the food looks amazing. The chef seems to do French and Italian style dishes in a creative fashion. Thomas says the chef is very creative and is influenced by Thomas Keller, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire.  Oh, and Thomas recommended it, so it must be good. Oh, and there is a good hot chocolate shop after so we might have to go there as well.

If you are interested in coming, you should send me an e-mail here.

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