Seoul Eats Meet-up: VineStock Wine Tasting

The first wine tasting at VineStock was a big success and we had 15 people come out to taste some great wines. We will be having another one in January so be sure to come out.

Here is Thomas the Sommelier.

The Chianti was a favorite. It started in a robust Italian fashion, but finished with a light finish.
The Josmeyer was a mix of steel and silk. It would be brilliant as a starter and even as a dessert.

Earthy and herbacious. This was my personal favorite.

You can never go wrong with a Marsannay.

This was a very interesting wine. It is very complex.

Here are some of the people that came out. In the back is the Wine Korea blogger, Joshua Hall.

I think he likes it.

It's good to smell the wine.

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