Tartine Beef Pot Pie Contest Update! Last Day

Comment Tally as of 10:49am on Sunday.  Here is the original post. Leave your comment now! The contest ends today at 6pm! We have 3 gift certificates to give away for a Beef Pot Pie Set Menu (a 19,000 won value). 1 goes to the person who leaves the most comments; 1 gift certificate to the person who leaves the most creative comment; and 1 gift certificate to the 2nd best comment. Limit 1 gift certificate per person.

You still have the chance to win because Paul Ajosshi is way in the lead with 148 comments so he will probably win the "most comment" prize. There are still two gift certificates to be had, so...get commenting.

Here is the tally so far:

Paul Ajosshi: 148 comments
Bravo: 112 Comments
cuincebu: 14 comments
happinessROKs: 9 comments
harpo: 4 comments
chalica pack: 4 comments
Zenkimchi: 3 comments
Jenny Cleary: 1 comment
phoenixstorm: 1 comment
Roboseyo: 1 comment
Max: 1 comment

Again! Leave your comments here.

And btw. We are having a Seoul Eats Meet-Up at 5pm at the Wolfhound Pub in Itaewon. The Wolfhound is generously giving us 2 pitchers of beer to start (Thanks Wayne). Come to have great pub fare.

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