Only 2 more days to win a Beef Pie from Tartine Bakery in Seoul! Get your comments in!

You can see from the previous post , there is a contest underway to win a Meat Pie Set Menu at Tartine in Itaewon. To win the prize, I said the person to leave to most comments would win.

As of 10:56am there are 222 comments on this post.

Since this is going so well, Chef Garrett and I have decided to give 1 gift certificate to the person to writes the most post, 1 gift certificate to the person we feel wrote the best post (such as a poem, comment about the tarts or about Chef Garrett). And we will give 1 gift certificate to a commenter at random. So there are 3 chances to win. You can leave your comment on this post.

Again, the contest ends on this Sunday the 13th at 6pm. The coupon is valued at 19,000 won and it must be redeemed on a Monday night because that is the only night they have the meat pie special.

Here are directions to Tartine:

Directions: From the Hamilton Hotel, go right –towards Paris Baguette, or go straight from Itaewon Station Exit #1, past KFC [first alley] to the second alley, turn right. We are halfway up the alley on the right [look for the pies in the window].

Tel: 02-3785-3400

Be Epicourageous!


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