Photoblog: Yum Thai: Authentic Thai Food in Seoul

This is one restaurant I don't want you all to find about because the food is just so dang good. Hands down, this is the best Thai restaurant in Seoul. We knew it was going to be good when we bit into the shrimp balls and found an explosion of kaffir, lime, lemon grass and silky shrimp. I was just like these balls taste like Thailand.

That's me sweating like crazy. It's not a heavy burn; it's a sunny citrus burn.

The interior is cozy and they have really high ceilings (I love high ceilings)

Here is the Thai Chili Chicken. This was the spicest dish of the night and it really got the endorphins working. Keep in mind, that we did ask for the food to be made "Thai Style." I am sure they can make it "Sissy Style" if you ask them.

The Beef Penang Curry was another hit. The Penang had a hit of sweetness in the very thick coconut broth. One of my guests said it was a bit salty, but then ate 3 servings of it.

Close up of the Beef Penang

Another can't miss dish is the Duck Curry. Wow. They use smoked duck with pineapple and sultana raisins. This was my favorite.

Here is a shot of their fried rice. Yummy as well.

Coconut Juice

A pickled side-dish

A vegetable stir-fry. Good for vegetarians.

Another Veggie Shot

Nothing went to waste.

Yum Thai
Go out Sinsa Station Exit 1 and walk straight for about 3 minutes. It's across from J-Tower.

Photos by Michelle Min. Words by Daniel Gray

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