Dongin Dong's Famous Pork Pancakes and Galbijjim

Across from Club Mool (Korea's most famous nightclub for older men and women), you'll find Dongin Dong. They serve Daegu (Southeastern part of Korea) style food that is spicy, filling, and flavorful. Since Daegu is my hometown, I felt right at home. 

You can find it if you go out Sinsa Station exit 6. and make a right just before the Beans Bin Coffee. You'll have to wait (we waited 25 minutes) for a table, because it is quite popular.

While we were outside waiting, the hostess gave us a plate of oyster jeon. These are oysters that are dipped in egg and sauteed in oil. The oysters are like what you would find in a Cajun Po'boy. Dang, are they good.

Here is some eggplant banchan.

Here are the famous pork pancakes with a pitcher of makgeolli (Korea's Rice Alcohol). The pork pancakes are about the size of a baby's head.

Now we get to the spicy galbijjim. Galbijjim is a beef dish that is slowly cooked in sauce until the meat falls off the bone. Usually it's in a soy sauce, but here it is in spicy, red hot, garlic sauce. It's sooooo good. I sweat in remembrance of the dish.

The secret is the brass bowl that it's cooked in. Usually, it's in a heavy stone bowl, but here the metal bowl is thin. Apparently, the secret is that the meat will cook faster and soak up more of the sauce in the thinner bowl.

Of course, with all that heat, a cool cup of makgeolli is needed to souse the chili's. If you add a little cider, it makes it even better.


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