Potato and Pork Bone Stew

Potato and Pork Bone Stew

My friend Steve Hatherly from TBS eFM radio has been telling me about this amazing potato and pork bone place for over a year and so we finally decided to go check it out. The place is amazing and it's ALL, about the soup. They must cook the pork bones 24/7 because the broth is so thick and luscious that its what I perceive molten gold would taste like (I mean if we could drink it).

It's soooo good, that I have dreams about the broth. The secret is to eat the potatoes last and you have to mash them into the broth and pork bits to make the best mashed potatoes ever.

Yummmm...Check out the video.


The place is called Seobu Gamja-guk (서부감자국)
서울시 은평구 녹번동 181
02 356-4555

It's up by Yeonsinnae all the way up on the Orange line. Here's a map:

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