Around the K-Food Blogosphere: Get your eat on

Foodcoma911 has left Korea ㅠㅠ but she got to do it in style by traveling on Korea Air's Business Class flight. Damn does that chair look comfortable. The food...she said the dinner was alright, but the breakfast was just so, so. Apparently in Business Class dinner includes cheese and haagen daaz icecream. AZA. 

Vegetarian in Korea has announced that this week is vegan week. She's starting out by making a Vegan Vietnamese Sandwich with marinated tofu and veggies. 

10 Magazine has a review of Spain Club, a very expensive restaurant in Garosugil. 

Seoulfoodyo is getting Green Onion Chicken from Ne Ne Chicken delivered to his house. He says it ain't bad and the onions definitely made the chicken better. Is Ne Ne the best? I think I have to stick with Pelicana.

Via Seoulfoodyo

Zenkimchi has a review of a Korean Cook Book from 1959. Interesting proverb on this page. I'm not sure if it really is a proverb or not: Pull the fingers off a boiled crab before you eat it.

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