California Pizza Kitchen in Seoul is not so bad..

for lunch. I mean I wouldn't pay their regular dinner prices for any of their items. The lunch price is 11,900 won ($10.00) and it comes with a drink, entree, bread and soup.
I ordered the chicken salad and I was impressed with the micro greens that they used. They were crisp and well washed. The chicken was lightly battered and crispy. The balsamic mustard dressing was nice as well (I got it on the side). One little complaint was the copious amounts of cheese. I thought it sorta killed the healthiness of the dish.

I did have a complaint about their drink policy. Their is a fruitade included in the meal, but I went there and I didn't order one (I got a water instead). My friend wanted to substitute a diet coke for hers. We thought that it would have just been substituted, instead when we got the bill, we found out that we were charged 3,250 won ($3.00) for her drink. If they were going to charge us extra, they should have told us. I think they could have just substituted the drink. I mean the diet coke would cost less than the fruitade.

캘리포니아피자키친명동점Address:‎ (California Pizza Kitchen, Myeongdong)
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Korea 서울특별시 중구 을지로2가 198
Go out Eujiro 2-ga (Green Line) exit 5.

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