Chef Shawn Makes Kimchi Lasagna and Sundubu Flan

Since I have met Shawn, we have been very close. It must have something to do with his creativity and love of food. Recently, we've been working on developing cooking classes for people unfamiliar with Korean foods. To start, we did a series of videos with Shawn adding a twist to popular Korean dishes. In the video he made Kimchi Dubu Lasagna and Sundubu Flan.

As you can see he has cut the tofu really thin and then put minced meat flavored with Kimchi in between.

Oh, just because I'm excited to use this new Blogger function, click the link below to see more pictures of Shawn's Food and information on how you can take a cooking lesson with him.

Here's the Sundubu Flan. Shawn took tofu and mixed it with egg and then steamed it in a mold. He then topped it with fish eggs and sprouts and it is sitting in a spiced soy sauce.

Of course, for the first cooking class we won't be teaching these two dishes. The menu for the first class will be:

Andong Jjimdak
Gyeran Mari (Egg Omelet Side Dish)
Geotjeori (Fresh Kimchi Salad)
Dessert TBA

The class will be held in Haebangchon (near Noksopyeong Station Exit 2) on Wednesday, April 7th at 6:30pm. You will first go to a traditional market with Shawn to buy the ingredients. Then you will go to a nearby cooking studio to watch him give a demonstration on how to make the different dishes. You will be able to help participate in making some of the dishes, but it is mainly a demonstration. You will get a recipe book on how to make your own dishes at home. The class will be taught in English and dinner will be provided.

The class will last 2 and a half hours and there are only 8 spots available for the class. The class will cost 40,000 per person and that includes the class, recipes, dinner, coffee, and dessert.

If you are interested please e-mail Daniel Gray at

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