Andong Jjimddak

You can learn how to make your own this weekend by clicking on the read more bottom.

The Menu is: Andong Jjimdak, Gyeran Mari (Egg Omelet Side Dish), Geotjeori (Fresh Kimchi Salad,)Dessert TBA

The class will be held in Haebangchon (near Noksopyeong Station Exit 2)on Saturday, April 10th at 3:30pm. You will first go to a traditional market with Shawn to buy the ingredients. Then you will go to a nearby cooking studio to watch him give a demonstration on how to make the different dishes. You will be able to help participate in making someof the dishes, but it is mainly a demonstration. You will get a recip ebook on how to make your own dishes at home. The class will be taught in English and dinner will be provided.The class will last 2 and a half hours and there are only 8 spots available for the class.

The class will cost 40,000 per person and that includes the class, recipes, dinner, coffee, and dessert. Contact Dan Gray at for more information:

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