Food & Wine Pairing at Pierre's Bar at Pierre Gagnaire's Restaurant

Food and Wine Pairing at Pierre Gagnaire

75,000 for Pierre Gagnaire is a huge bargain. I'm going if I can find a date.

Food & Wine Pairing
Exclusive Event @ Pierre's Bar
Apr 22, around 7pm

Enjoy tasting of 5 different wines with Pierre Gagnaire Cuisine and get personal advice of our expert on food and wine pairing.

Snacking Chic á la Gagnaire matching with French Wines from Vinestock selected by Thomas Scheidt Wine Director Sommelier and Reynald Marin Manager Sommelier of Pierre Gagnaire á Seoul.

Price/pers: 75000 Won

To make a reservation, please call Pierre Gagnaire Hostess desk, seats are limited (50 persons).

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