Eat More Korean Barbecue!

Korean Galbi
I got a comment the other day that I don't write enough about Korean food. I thought about it and you know what, that's not true. I write a lot about Korean food, just not for the blog. I just completed a webpage on Korean foond and this month you'll find an article on street food in the Korea Magazine. Anyway, I need to write more about Korean food. So let's get started.

The other day, I was invited by a friend of mine to eat Korean Barbecue. I went to the Bamboo House over by the Seocho Acrovista out Gyodae Station exit 6. It wasn't the most amazing place, but you can't go wrong with Korean Galbi. meat that's on the bone tastes best and the skillful way of scoring the meat insures that the flavor will permeate throughout each piece.

The secret of Korean barbecue is that the meat isn't aged for long, so it doesn't develop a gamey flavor- the meat is real, pure. When the meat is grilled and then wrapped in leaves you get the flavor of beef mixed with the vegetation that the cow ate.

Korean food has been called raw, unrefined. I just call it pure.
Korean Galbi with Side Dishes
It's all about the Side Dishes (Banchan)
Samjang is Korea's greatest sauce and what they should be promoting.
Fresh Kimchi Salad
Bracken Side Dish
You have to finish your meal with soup.
Dwaengjang Chiggae

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