Gopchang House: (곱창) by Danny Byrnes

Danny Byrnes with some Gop Chang
Tired of rice and kimchi? Tired of the usual kimchi bokeumbap, doenjang jiggae, and bulgogi? Well, nothing says delicious like Gop Chang (곱창), or in the lingua franca which pays off my student loans: Korean style fried pork intestines. My friend took me to her favorite Gop Chang (곱창) place called “Gope Chang House” (곱창하우스) just outside Wangshimni station in the heart of the university district there. This is her favorite because it is void of the strong pork smell which is usually associated with such establishments. Tucked between the noraebangs (singing rooms) and dvd bangs (dvd viewing rooms) you can get your fill of both large and small intestines which make for some good eatin’ in this little restaurant with East LA style gangsta murals on the walls.
Here's a pile of intestines in sauce
We ordered both large and small intestine. The large was served in a delicious sauce with onions, salt was also an option, and the small intestine was served up with Korean sausage or veggies and japchae noodles, we had the veggie version. Also, on the menu is (free) fish cake soup, pork cartilage and cheesy fried rice. No screwing around, just delicious intestines done right.

The large intestines were my favorite, both chewy and salty. The small weren’t my favorite but only because they were slightly too chewy for me, but the japchae noodles made up for that. The sauce is good and its served like many Korean dishes, cooked in front of you on those ubiquitous portable grills. You take bits of gop chang (곱창) and put them between leaves of sangchu and enjoy. We ate it all leaving only a little sauce on the grill—delicious.
SoCol (Soju and Cola)
We drank it down with beer and some SoCol (Soju + Cola) which makes for a pleasant tomorrow if you have to teach (control) 5 year olds the next morning.

Directions: Take subway line 2 (green line) to Wangshimni station (the Wangshimni area being famous for its 곱창). Go out exit 6 and head to the right. Take a left at the Tomato convenience store and go until you see the Gop Chang House (곱창하우스) on the left. Sorry no English on the menu or the sign but just ask for Gop Chang (곱창) and you should be fine. Enjoy!
Gop Chang House near Wangshimni Station in Seoul
Danny Byrnes is originally from Seattle, Washington. He is an adventurous foodie that loves being in Korea.You can follow his adventures at

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