Great Noodle Soup in Sinchon by Helloklara

Myeolchi Guk Su recently opened up in Sinchon, a noodle bar that really takes "fast meal" to a new level.

The 24-hr restaurant literally named "Good Anchovy Noodle Soup House" specializes in---you guessed it---anchovy-broth soup.

myeolchi guk soo
Good Anchovy Noodle Soup House

You walk in through the sliding doors and to your left is a menu ticket-machine, where you enter in your order (you can choose between the main dishes: myeolchi guk su, naeng myun, or bibim naeng myun, and appetizers like hard boiled eggs and a myeolchi jumokbab, which is a rice ball with anchovies).

If you think one bowl will be too small to kill your hunger (or you just want to share), there is a double-size option, which is what my friend and I ordered, along with two riceballs.

The machine spit out three tickets and before I had a chance to hand it to the guy behind the counter, he had our giant steaming bowl of myeolchi soup ready on the bar. Our riceballs weren't far behind.

Noodles in broth with toasted laver, red pepper and veggies

riceball and kimchi
Rice Ball

You can't really go wrong with a good bowl of soup, especially at a noodle bar with a high turnover of hungry customers looking for a hot, quick meal. The riceball was more interesting since it was full of spicy green peppers, anchovy bits, and a sweet brown sauce. Definitely not the taste combination I was expecting, based off of general looks. I'm still not entirely sure I if actually liked it, or if it was just the equivalent to a taste train-wreck that you know you shouldn't like but can't stop trying. My riceball was dunzo before I could make up my mind.

Inside of the rice ball

So if your stomach's demanding food right away and you don't feel like lingering around, I'd recommend Myeolchi Guk Su. The soup is good, hot, fast and cheap (total cost was around 6,000W), and if you get the riceball, perhaps you can gauge the flavors better than my indecisive taste buds could.

Myeolchi Guk Su Jal Hanun Jip (멸치국수 잘하는집)

Myeolchi Guk Su Jal Hanun Jip (멸치국수 잘하는집)
Seoul-si Seodaemun-gu Changcheong-dong 33-47

Subway line 2; take exit 2
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