Learn how to make Bossam with Chef Shawn on April 17th

Bossam, Spicy Turnip Kimchi, and White Kimchi
Bossam up close
The Menu is: Bossam, Turnip Kimchi, White Clam Sundubu Soup. Dessert will be provided
The class will be held in Haebangchon (near Noksopyeong Station Exit 2)on Saturday, April 17th at 3:30pm. You will first go to a traditional market with Shawn to buy the ingredients. Then you will go to a nearby cooking studio to watch him give a demonstration on how to make the different dishes. You will be able to help participate in making some of the dishes, but it is mainly a demonstration. You will get a recipe book on how to make your own dishes at home. The class will be taught in English and dinner will be provided.The class will last 2 and a half hours and there are only 8 spots available for the class.

The class will cost 40,000 per person and that includes the class, recipes, dinner, and dessert. Contact Dan Gray at seouleats at gmail dot com for more information.
You can confirm your spot by sending payment by Paypal (dnlgray@gmail.com), by Korean Bank Transfer, or in cash during the class.

Bank: 외환은행 KEB
Name: Daniel Gray
Account Number: 620-166405-828

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