Restaurant Recommendation: Cook with No Belly Button

Hey everyone,

Sorry, I haven't written anything today, but I was super hungover from a Night Dining Tour that I ran last night for a couple of travelers to Korea. A Chef from Shanghai, Willy Moreno and his crew joined me last night as we ate the night away. Willy, I hope you had a good time and I look forward to visiting your restaurant in Shanghai.

I'm going to post a couple restaurant recommendations from readers. Here's one from Mark:

Hi Dan, met you a few months back at Wolfhound meetup. Love Seoul Eats and actually am heading to 정식당 tonight after your recommendations. Thanks for doing what you do.

Wanted to give you a heads up. In the middle of an extravagant P-turn at 도산공원사거리, I noticed a restaurant with an unforgettable name: 배꼽 없는 요리사 (e.g. Cook With No Belly Button). In checking out some photos and reviews online, it is a French bistro and damn the food looks pretty good judging from the pics on the site below. It's right next to where I work (gmap ) so if you want to hit it up some weeknight, let me know.

Here's another one from Andrew:

Andrew Found a nice place today, "Bread is Ready, Coffee's Done". It's INSIDE Anguk station, next to Paris Croissant, near exits 2 and 3. I got there a little late (~6:30 pm), so the lunchtime salad bar was a little dry and sparse, but still worthwhile: curry chicken, seafood salad, tomato/mozzarella, bean salad, etc. Good f...resh-baked breads, including the regular pastry stuff but also some nice crusty boules and baguettes as well. Haven't tried the lunch/dinner/brunch menus yet, but will definitely give them a shot. Let's put it this way: I didn't spot any typos on the menu, and nothing looked especially "dumbed down" for the local palate. Free Wifi, very cozy and inviting for those who want sit and read for an hour or two. I guess there are several locations in Seoul; this link shows pictures from another location:

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Here's a recommendation from Chef Tim:
Tim Mitchell
If she is at the airport, she could get to Sorae Market, and get a KG of live shrimp....they cook it in front of you on the table in a salt lined kettle....yum!

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